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Are You U2? You Don’t Have a 2 in Your Name.

Thursday, August 26th, 2010

Last night I went to see David Gray and Ray LaMontagne at Millenium Park in Chicago.  That is the best venue I’ve ever been to.  The best venue where you can’t actually see the performers anyway.  The music pavillion is nestled in among the skyscrapers of Chicago, lit by the ambient light and washed over by the warm accoustics.  A friend of mine was telling me about another band we like, The Frames, and telling me that they’re coming to Chicago soon.  While I was looking for tickets to The Frames, I came across tickets for the comedian Mike Birbiglia.

Mike Birbiglia is hilarious and he’s what I’d aspire to if I aspired to be a stand up comedian.  He follows the Bill Cosby philosophy that simply telling funny stories can be stand up comedy.  You don’t need jokes in quotes.  “Jokes.”  I’ve actually seen him live once already, but only for a few minutes.  He’s performed on This American Life on the radio and I saw a live taping of that show, so I was lucky enough to see Mike Birbiglia.  I had no idea he was coming to town, so I felt lucky again that I found his tickets before he left town or before they sold out.

No worries there!  This guy is selling tickets to his comedy show for over $65 a ticket.  That’s general admission, $65.  Is this guy U2?  I don’t think so.  I don’t see a 2 in his name.  Is there a 2 in Birbiglia?  There’s not even a two in the price of his tickets!  I paid $100 for U2 last summer.  U2!  Is Mike Birbiglia 2/3 of U2?  Mike Birbiglia isn’t even two thirds of U2 without Bono.  Mike Birbiglia isn’t even 2/3 of Adam Clayton or Larry Reynolds Jr.  I’d love to see Mike Birbiglia, he’s great.  But he’s an idiot if he thinks I’m going to pay $65 for him.  You know who I did pay $65 for?  Ricky Gervais.  Mike Birbiglia isn’t Ricky Gervais.  He might not even be 2/3 of Ricky Gervais, no offense to Ricky.