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Sex and the Sound Stage

Thursday, September 2nd, 2010

I’ve been churning through my DVD collection with my girlfriend, trying to get her caught up on all of my favorites.  Unfortunately, she’s trying to do the same to me.  She’s got good taste, so mostly, I say it’s unfortunate because she’s got me watching every scary movie she’s ever seen and I’m stuck staying up half the night, jumping every time the wind blows.  And when we’re not watching a scary movie?  We’re watching half a movie.  For two hours I watched the second DVD of ‘IT’ and we didn’t know it until the credits were rolling.  Last night she tells me we’re going to watch the Sex and the City movie.  We already watched twenty minutes of it so we might as well finish it.

I look on my coffee table to see Sex and the City the TV show, so I said, “Baby, you brought the wrong thing.”

“No, I didn’t,” she said.

“This is the season, not the movie.”

“Oh, you’re saying that because of the discs?  I got the right one.”

“Oh, you just put the movie in this case.”

“What?  No, we’re watching the TV show.  Not the movie.”

“Why would we start the show, we’re already into the movie.  And this is Season Six!  We’re going to stop the movie halfway through and start the show on the sixth season?”

She won.  Whatever, I’m open-minded, I’m cultural.  Aside from the obvious annoyances of the show, Cynthia Nixon, I was up for it.  I wanted to see what this thing was all about.

I assumed it was about Sex and the City.  They delivered on the sex, but the city?  Every indoor scene was shot on a soundstage.  That’s Seinfeld.  But Seinfeld was called Seinfeld, not Seinfeld AND New York.  The City in Sex and the City is supposed to be a character in the show.  So why are “Miranda” and Carrie eating pizza standing up in a restaurant with blinds?  Do pizza places have blinds in New York?

I don’t know how much I can commit to this show.  It’s not like education for me or anything, because people don’t really act like this.  It’s partly entertaining, but these women can go from such extremes of caricatures to attempted realism that it really dampens the show’s impact in its serious moments.  We seriously stopped watching Long Way Round for this.  Hard to swallow.  That’s what Samantha said.