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DVD Giveaway! – Survivor and The Amazing Race

Thursday, April 21st, 2011

Survivor All-Stars on DVD is a seven disc set of the entire season.  This was one of the best seasons of Survivor ever and the DVD set is great.  Except! That whichever moron put the show together, also put pictures of the three people who were voted off the show on the cover of each individual disc.  My girlfriend lent the set to her sister the other day without telling me.  So I had to lie to her and tell her I needed the set back and my girlfriend shouldn’t have lent it to her in the first place, just so I could remove these gigantic spoiler alerts and keep the suspense alive.  No big deal.  I would do the same for any one of you.  But I shouldn’t have to!  This was the stupidest thing I’d seen from a show with a good reputation.  Until! I rented the Amazing Race season seven (with Rob and Amber/Ambah) from Netflix.

Pretty often, the Amazing Race casts an uninteresting pair or has a lame episode of chimney sweeping or a terrible idea like Family Edition, but their mistake on the season seven DVD is egregious! Instead of simply putting pictures of the booted teams on the DVD cover so anyone could take the disc out with their eyes closed and keep the suspense alive like their idiot cousins over at Survivor…these goofballs put the faces of the elimated teams on the main menu of the disc itself!  You can’t avoid that without taping a big black piece of paper across the top of your TV.  There’s also no ‘play-all’ feature so I can just close my eyes and hit play and get around it because instead of defaulting to not hear any mundane commentary by everybody but the teams we care about, the disc makes you choose NOT to listen to that drivel before every single episode.

These are two great shows, but these are two huge black eyes for the DVD sets and that goes all the way up the ladder for whoever had any part in this idiocy.  What could have possibly been going through their minds?!  Why in the world would I rent the set if I wanted to know who got eliminated all along the way?  And don’t say I’m not a purist because I can’t enjoy the show for the show’s sake.  If they didn’t want me to care about who got eliminated, everybody’d win a million dollars and shake Phil’s hand at the end.  Man this is frustrating!

Survivor Redeemed

Thursday, April 14th, 2011

Survivor is back again with this latest season called Survivor: Redemption Island.  This was the first and best reality adventure game show where you were supposed to outwit, outplay, and outlast your opponents to win one million dollars.  It was the most compelling game show in TV history.  Until it wasn’t.

The quality of Survivor has ebbed and flowed many times throughout its twenty-two seasons, mostly based on the talent and watchability of its cast.  First there was Richard Hatch and then there was Colby and then Ethan and Lex and Big Tom and then Boston Rob and Rob Cesternino and then…oh boy, things really started to fade for Survivor until season 8, Survivor: All-Stars.  This remains the absolute best season to date, mostly because of a very compelling love story and nearly complete domination of the game which was proposed to be the toughest Survivor ever because every single player had already played the game successfully in their first go-round.

It went like that for a while.  Catch a season, drop a season after four episodes, catch a good two seasons, drop it for two more because of an absolute lack of talent among the cast.  But Survivor is back!  Mostly due to one person who will create an entire season’s worth of drama on their own…Boston Rob…as long as he’s around that is.  This one character embodies the ideals of this game better than anyone: outwit, outplay, outlast.  Boston Rob wields control of his tribemate’s votes with charisma and charm and he uses his power with unflinching instinct and strategy.  With his athleticism and ability to bend people to his will, Boston Rob is the most talented player to play the game.  Only in Survivor though can all this talent be your downfall.  Through three trips to the game, Boston Rob still hasn’t won.  Maybe the fourth time’s the charm…maybe not.

Watch Survivor: Redemption Island.  Watch it from the beginning.  Watch it while it’s good.  It has been very good so far.  In its twenty-second season, Survivor is redeemed, for at least one more season anyway and we should all ride the wave while we can.