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Yahoo Preaching – Erik Freeman is Wrong

Tuesday, August 16th, 2011

Erik Freeman is a nobody (and his name’s really spelled with a ‘C’).  What happened was, a certain author was floating around Yahoo and saw an article about LeBron James getting embarrassed.  That’s what the headline lead me to believe anyway until Erik Freeman tries to lecture everybody into seeing the video his way.  It’s really stupid…of Erik Freeman.  Video is hard to fight against.  Erik Freeman wants his pal LeBron to know that Erik Freeman doesn’t think he got dunked on in a Taiwanese exhibition game.

Whether Lebron got dunked on or not may be up for debate, but his high-dribble-isolation-can’t-take-Omer-Asik off the dribble move at the top of the key did leave to a pretty terrible turnover and his lazy defense definitely allowed a dunk to happen on the other end of the court.  So, maybe the dunk didn’t happen “on” LeBron, but it sure happened because of LeBron.  Oh, and Erik Freeman forgot to keep watching the video, because on the next play, LeBron charges down the court and runs into a wall in a defender half his size and lobs the ball, one handed, to his “teammate” who makes a lunge for the ball, which went out of bounds.  Turnover LeBron.  LeBron is terrible, but Erik Freeman is blind.

Here’s the link.  Say hi to Erik.