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London 2012 – The Fall and Rise of Michael Phelps, a Prediction

Monday, July 30th, 2012

On Saturday, Michael Phelps failed to defend his Gold Medal in the 400 IM.  He fell to fourth place and watched his teammate and rival Ryan Lochte steal his crown and destroy the field.  Phelps met with Andrea Kremer after the race and seemed hard hit by the loss and his inability to medal.  He talked about going into the race with the wrong plan and he looked anywhere but at the camera or at the reporter asking him questions.  He seemed to the world to have slipped, if not fallen altogether.

And then on Sunday, Phelps rose again.  In the final of the 4×100 Free Relay, Phelps swam the second leg and blew open a full body length lead (all six feet and four inches worth) on the rest of the field.  While Lochte couldn’t hold the lead his team had built through the anchor leg, the last 100 meters of the race, Phelps burned through the pool with the fire of a champion and gave the Americans the strong leg they needed to secure a Silver Medal.

Michael Phelps is the greatest competitive swimmer in the history of the world.  And this is the prediction that will prove true over the next two weeks: Michael Phelps isn’t done yet, 3 more Gold Medals are on their way.

Keep watching.

London 2012 – The Opening Ceremonies

Friday, July 27th, 2012

The torch is lit so let the Games begin.  London began the Opening Ceremony with the images of an English idyll and finished them with the ideal of British talent, Sir Paul McCartney.  The world’s most amazing athletes from nations small and large have joined together in one of the most storied city’s in history to celebrate the best of athletic competition.  The Olympics are always amazing and these Games of the Thirtieth Olympiad are full of promise.  In front of the next astounding two weeks, it bears repeating, “Let the Games begin!”