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Scottie Pippen and a Reflection on Fame

Sunday, November 2nd, 2014

October 31st is always Halloween and this year it was also the date of the Chicago Bulls home opener against LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers. The sold out crowd was electric the entire night. Whether it was cheering for a play to happen or for a play that just happened, the twenty-three thousand plus fans exploded in clapping and shouting at every chance. Midway through the game though, the fans weren’t cheering for the action on the court, but for the image on the Jumbotron.

Scottie Pippen is a legend in Chicago. Owner of six NBA championships with Michael Jordan in the 90’s, he is a Hall of Famer and one of the fifty best players in NBA history. Being Scottie Pippen isn’t like being anybody else. When an average person finds themselves on the big screen at a sporting event, they just as often don’t notice as they do jump out of their seat. The way it worked for Scottie Pippen on Halloween night was different though. The cameras turned to Scottie while he was in his seat watching the action and his image was displayed on the Jumbotron. The United Center went nuts for the Chicago hero, the fans clapping and cheering their hearts out. If Chicago Bulls fans starting cheering their heads off, most people would look at the court to see why. When that failed, they would look at the Jumbotron to see what everyone else was cheering about. They wouldn’t look at the Jumbotron expecting to see their face as the reason for the cheering. But none of us are Scottie Pippen. Except Scottie Pippen. So when he looked up at the Jumbotron to see what was the cheering for, he half-expected to see himself. When he realized he was right, he smiled and waved to the fans. They’ve shown video of a guy eating an entire meal on a Jumbotron, completely oblivious the whole time that he’s on the big screen. It must be a very unique thing to be famous. While the rest of us are looking to find the action, the famous know that more often than not, they’re the reason for the cheering and the screams. Mr. Hot Dog, keeps his eye on his food, and Scottie Pippin just looks up, smiles and waves. What a different way of seeing the world fame must bring.

An Avatar Among Us

Friday, February 25th, 2011

My inspiration for writing this post was simply to find a way to justify putting a side by side picture of Chris Bosh of the Miami Heat (NBA) and Neytiri from Avatar because of their uncanny likeness to one another.  In finding my justification, I wanted to touch on athletics as a whole and our desire as a people for physical competition and even physical violence.

In popular culture science fiction movies and novels touch on violence as entertainment all the time, The Running Man, with Arnold Schwarzenegger, and The Hunger Games trilogy of novels by Suzanne Collins.  We hardly need to predict the future to see our physical nature.  The ancient Romans of our past held violent battles for entertainment (not as entertaining if you’re the victim) and today we have boxing and the UFC mixed martial arts competitions.  Even in more widely accepted avenues, sports are a huge part of the human cultural fabric.  What is it that makes it so?  This is a very hard question to answer.

In sports we have the chance to see what our physical bodies are capable of.  We have the opportunity to see the fruits of other respected activities like study and excercise and attributes like hard work and dedication.  I won’t try to answer the question for anybody else, but for myself a big part of the answer lies in being to support my local athletes.  I take an illogical pride in the athletes who represent me (albeit just marginally) and where I come from and where I live.  And now…phew…finally, I am able to write what I really wanted to write this whole time.  The Chicago Bulls beat The Miami Heat last night at home 93-89.  Yesssss!  Man that feels good to write.  And what about the Avatar among us?  Chris Bosh went 1-18 from the field and looked terrible…and like an Avatar.  See for yourself.  Go Bulls!

The Reporter Type

Thursday, December 17th, 2009

Since when did America value homogeneity over individualism?  Where did reporters get the idea that we want our news read to us by a caricature instead of a person?  I was watching Comcast sports and the Chicago Bulls reporter was making a worthless report about nothing.  So I was sitting there by myself, but I had to make fun of this guy.  Out loud.  As he signed off, I talked over him, saying, “It’s comforting.  To have a reporter. Who sounds, like a reporter.”

He was bad.  Nobody talks like that.  And then there’s the ladies that whistle all their ‘S’s’ so instead of sounding like an ‘S’, they shound shimilar to a ‘Sh’.  They kill me, too.  They’re trying to be so eager and professional (all ‘they’, not just the women), the way they stare into the lens and nod at the camera for emphasis.  They’re trying to be ultra professional but come off as pretentious.  And there’s a time and a place for professionalism, right?  The local guys on Sports Radio get it.  It’s not like they can’t add a little gravitas to their program for the sad stories, like Chris Henry, but they talk to people, not at them.  Those reporter-types, the reporter stereotype.  You can keep it.